On February 8, 2020 we debuted "Susan Alexandra: The Musical" for New York Fashion Week. In an effort to always create un-conventional fashion week experiences, we opted to put on an original musical matinee. 
The show, starring Aisha Kerensa, Jessica Joffe, Larry Owens, Sasha Spielberg, Benito Skinner, Lauren Servideo and many more, told the story of one girls desire to make it in the fashion biz and all the demons (inner and external) that must be slain to do so.
With the help of a loving, supportive friend, she is able to rise above and conquer her fears. Beautifully composed by Mur, the show was performed to a packed house and by the finale, there was nary a dry eye in sight.



We debuted a new line of bags featuring intricate beadwork as well as the Ethereal top and skirt, which will be released later this year. 
The show was met with rave reviews, our favorite of which was that it brought the excitement and vibrance back to New York Fashion Week. 
Until next time-ta ta!

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