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Mini Fruit Earrings

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A mini version of our fruit earrings, how cute!! Ok, so these fruit earrings are really quite spectacular. BURSTING with sparkle, dazzle and all around goddess of harvest vibes. Click on the right arrow to see comparison on ear of our fruit earrings and our minis!

Available in Mini Lolita, Mini Watermelon Icey, Mini Grape Slushie, Mini Fragola, Mini Lemon Meringue, and Mini Clem Sherbet.

Dimensions: Mini Lolita 2.5"/ Mini Watermelon Icey 2.6"/ Mini Grape Slushie 2.3"/  Mini Fragola 1.5"/ Mini Lemon Meringue 2"/ Mini Clem Sherbet 1.7" / Mini Banana 3.5"

All jewelry is made by hand to order. Jewelry will ship 2-3 weeks from order date (if not sooner!)

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