Susan Alexandra believes in the transformative power of color, humor and self-expression. Founded by Susan Korn in 2014, our brand started small, as a jewelry company run from our founders bedroom.

And with this small beginning, one of our brand tenets emerged: a focus on the small things that make life more joyful, whether a technicolor handbag, a rhinestone hat or a charm necklace.

Most of our items are made by hand in NYC, creating a myriad of sustainable jobs.

Susan Alexandra achieved viral success with our signature, made in NYC beaded bags which opened the door to many more categories and offerings including a vibrant collection of Judaica, homeware, pet and baby accessories.

With collaborations with many notable brands such as Vans, Post Cereal, Sweetgreen, Warby Parker, Disney and more, Susan Alexandra continues to grow and expand into new frontiers.

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